Marketing for Home Builders

Marketing for Home Builders

Not so long ago, homebuilders used to rely on traditional media such as billboards, TV, radio, and newspapers to advertise themselves and attract customers. However, times are changing, and so is consumer behavior. Thus, while traditional methods of advertising used to be effective back then, that is no longer the case.

The advent of the internet and associated technological advancements such as mobile devices have changed the way consumers look for products. Another important thing to consider is that the vast majority of current consumers are millennials, who tend to be tech-savvy. Hence, a person looking to buy a home today is likely to first search the internet before they look anywhere else. In fact, statistics show that up to 97% of all consumers today first search online when looking for a local business. Moreover, today’s consumers trust search engines more than traditional media.
So, what does this mean? It simply implies that a homebuilder without an effective online marketing strategy is likely going to miss out on numerous opportunities to close deals and become profitable.

As such, here are the top three online marketing tips for homebuilders:

1.    Optimize Your Site for Search

This means embarking on efforts that will ensure that your pages appears prominently on your target audience’s search results. This is what is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO includes facets such as:

•        Content Creation: So that you can attract customers, you need to show that you offer value. Thus, you will have to get into a content creation strategy through blogs where you offer valuable information to your customers. For instance, a potential client might be looking for information pertaining to what they should know before they purchase a home. By answering this question in your blog, the client will come over to your page, where you will have another strategy in place to get them to take further action.

•        Keyword Optimization: The aforementioned potential client cannot find your content, and thus your website, if you do not use the necessary keywords. Therefore, keyword optimization involves embarking on a keyword building strategy where you look for and use relevant keywords that are most likely to be used by a potential client during their search.

•        Link building. This involves linking your website to authoritative sites. Google, as well as other search engines, are keen on a website’s credibility when looking to rank them in their results pages. By linking to authoritative sites, you will be showing proof of credibility.

•        Optimizing for local search. This involves getting a Google My Business listing. As stated earlier, over 90 percent of consumers will first go online when looking for a local business. Thus, getting a Google My Business listing will ensure that your site appears prominently when customers look for homebuilders within their locality.

2.    Have a Responsive Website

With close to 60 percent of all internet searches being done via mobile devices, it is imperative that your website responds to and accommodates mobile devices. Otherwise, a potential client will just leave your page and head over to your competitor if your site is not mobile-friendly.

3.    Incorporate Testimonials

Consumers want to know that other people are happy with your product. Thus, ask your customers to leave reviews on your site. You could incentivize them by offering them giveaways after they purchase a house. A giveaway could be something like a gas grill. Happy customers will leave positive testimonies that will encourage potential clients to purchase from you.

Digital marketing is the marketing standard today. However, with your competitors also going online, it is imperative that you look for an edge that will make you more attractive to your target audience. As such, it is imperative that you go for a tested and proven home builder marketing strategy to ensure that you get the most value out of your digital marketing efforts.