A Guide to FOD Removal at Military Bases

A Guide to FOD Removal at Military Bases

Military bases have a lot going on and FOD removal should be one of the items that people pay attention to – not just something to check off a list. Using a military tarmac sweeper is necessary to help remove FOD and keep everyone safe.

Why It’s Necessary to Remove FOD at Military Bases

Foreign object debris, or FOD, can consist of pieces of aircraft tires or parts, nuts, bolts, screws, nails, broken up pavement, tools, and more. These pieces can pose a major safety hazard, so it’s necessary to have a debris management program. This program can consist of sweepers, vacuums, or magnetic equipment made to help remove FOD.

FOD makes it harder for pilots to see different lines and markings on a runway. It can be drawn into the engine of the plane as well, causing accidents and damage. It can cut through an airplane’s tires. It can also become lodged in the important mechanical systems of the aircraft. FOD can make it difficult to properly refuel planes and can cause issues in the boarding area, as well as with loading and unloading. Since aircraft for military operations deploy on short notice, FOD control is even more important.

When an aircraft passes over metal debris, there are a number of things that could happen. The debris could shred a tire, which can cause the pilot to lose control of the aircraft. It can cause debris to strike other parts of the plane. One part that would be particularly bad to strike is the fuel tank. A fuel leak can cause fires and explosions and lead to death and other property loss. FOD can be costly to military aircraft operations, so even though it’s a cost to operate a FOD removal system, it is necessary in order to prevent more expensive repairs and damages.

FOD Removal at Military Bases

A military tarmac sweeper is one way to remove FOD from military bases. In order for FOD to first be removed, it needs to be detected. There are a number of different detection systems that can be used, which include cameras, video systems, and radar that can scan runways. Once FOD has been detected, having a sweeper will be necessary. There are different types of sweepers that can be used. There are sweepers that are self contained and have mechanical parts to operate, and either use vacuum suction or magnets to pick up debris. There are also others that can be towed without a motor. Sweepers without a motor are often the better choice because they require very little maintenance. With little maintenance required, your FOD removal system is always ready to go to make sure there are minimal delays and disruptions at the military base.