Few Reasons to Prefer Folding Carton Packaging

Few Reasons to Prefer Folding Carton Packaging

One of the most commonly used types of packaging for consumers available in the market are folding cartons. You can find their usage in retail packaging in order to hold any individual products.

They can be used to effectively promote and display products for generating impulse buying. If you have used any folding Netpak cartons ever for your any business for number of years or you are just considering them for first time for your business, then you must be aware of various advantages that they offer with their packaging solution.


Paperboard which is used for creating any folding carton will come in different weights and due to this the carton can remain structurally sound as well as the contents remain secure.

Besides, these cartons are made by using any corrugated board, which can also provide few additional supports required for housing any heavier product. These types of cartons are ideal for any shipping containers which are branded too.

Creativity and flexibility

Any folding cartons are usually designed and engineered, and they are created into many different styles. Each type of style is tailored to meet any kind of specifications.

Certain features like windows or hanging tabs can also be added. If needed, wet strength paperboard can also be added for keeping moisture from penetrating inside the board that can cause any curl.

Environmentally friendly

The pulps that are mostly used for creating non-virgin paperboard are manufactured from totally recycled materials. Besides, the scraps which are left-over from any manufacturer of folding carton or any created carton are also recycled, that can minimize any possible negative environmental impact.

A cyclical process gets created that can contribute to minimal amount of landfill waste product.

Clean graphics

Any folding carton can also offer quite clean graphics. This is possible through using of a 4-color process. There are options also exist to print 7 different colors, which allows for a wide variety of product branding choice.

This also results in any crisp graphics and text that are placed both inside and outside of folding carton.

The ability of colored graphic printing on folding cartons is totally unmatched to packaging of any other styles. This also helps to use folding carton to work as a key device for marketing, which can make any product stand out in the competition.

Any glossy or matte look can be provided to these cartons during the process of printing.