Peter Loftin a Successful Entrepreneur

Peter Loftin a Successful Entrepreneur

Born to Robert G. Loftin and Maree Nelson Loftin, Peter Loftin is one of the most successful, reputed and well-known entrepreneur in the world today. He founded BTI (Business Telecom Inc.) in the year 1983 and from that day there was no looking back for him.

He went on climbing the stairs of success and became an example how goals can be achieved with sheer dedication, hard work. His will-power only was the reason behind the expansion of his establishment and this made his telecommunication company one of the biggest companies in the United States.

Due to his amicable and good nature, he is quite helpful to others regardless of their status in the society. He can go up to any extant to support people around him. However, his achievements did not end here and he continued his journey of success through his various endeavors which is difficult to sum up in limited words.

His Career

Starting his career from selling cordless phones door to door, Peter Loftin established his telecom company which became the most known endeavor of his times. It is a journey which was full of devotion and dedication which brought with it fruits of hard work. His journey is like a dream come true but it is loaded with lots of will-power and a wish to achieve the unbelievable. It is an outstanding virtue to attainthe incredible without any help.

The idea to establish BTI emerged in his mind when he was just twenty five years of age, selling portable phones from one company to the other. As soon as this company grew big, he merged BTI with Deltacom. This was just the beginning of several big ventures. Along with success came the works of charity as Peter Loftin himself comes from a humble background and he knew the difficulties of life.

He also built a luxury hotel and boutique resort known as Casa Casurina which is famous for hosting various events to promote art. Later he donated it to host various art and craft events. Along with his business ventures, he became member of various institutions to serve poor and also became member of board of the Governors for the American Red Cross Society to work for his country.  

Recently Peter Loftin added one more feather in his cap of business achievements. In the year 2016, he founded one more company with the name Bardstown, known as the biggest whiskey distillery in the United States. This establishment is not an ordinary distillery company as it conducts Rye, Bourbon, and Whiskey distilling workshops. He is also the Chairperson of this venture. It is due to him that this distillery had partnership with trademark like Constellation Brands.

With selling a part of his BTI, he bought a huge villa like his club Casa Casuarina. The main purpose to buy this villa is to meet business tycoons and establish more business contacts. He has turned out this villa into a guest house providing employment to many youth thus standing firm to his roots.