The Various Reasons Why Businesses May Need A Customs Broker!

The Various Reasons Why Businesses May Need A Customs Broker!

If you already have an importing business or plan to start one, it is important to get the homework right. By now, you know that importing goods into Canada requires following strict rules and compliance regulations, and if things are not sorted beforehand, shipments can be seized by Canada’s Border Services Agency (CBSA). Even people who are well-versed how importing works prefer to take help to ensure smooth movements of their shipments. A customs broker is meant to help in all of that, and here’s why businesses often need one.

Multiple possibilities on the flip side

Any business that’s engaged in importing wants to ensure that goods reach the destination without delays and complications. Of course, there isn’t law or rule that states that one must engage a customs broker in the first place. However, let’s say the paperwork is done right, but the tax imposed on each of the items is evaluated wrongly, often because the tax can be different from one province to another. What can you possibly do? At times, the shipment may not leave the offshore destination and will have to be stocked away. Regardless of whether you are experienced importer or someone who doesn’t have any experience of Canada rules and norms for imports, you must engage a customs broker.

How can customs brokers help?

Importing goods into Canada isn’t an easy task, and don’t expect your customs broker to bypass the rules and norms. What they actually have is experience. While you can always contact a customs broker and ask for assistance when the shipment is struck or things go wrong, it is better idea to get in touch with them beforehand. For example, if you are purchasing goods worth $2,500 or more from the US and want to ship to Canada, you will need an ITN Number. Your customs broker can help with that, as well. In recent years, more and more businesses and importers have started to work with standard customs brokers, because they know that the whole process gets easier, and a lot of the actual work can be done online.

The only way to deal with imports in Canada is to be transparent. If you don’t understand a word of how things work, just spend some time in selecting a reliable customs broker, and they will get you sorted, including the paperwork that’s required to avoid hassles and other shipment-related complications.