Top 5 Tips for a Great Corporate Video

Top 5 Tips for a Great Corporate Video

Condensing your entire brand identity into a video short enough that it doesn’t exceed its audiences attention span is a tough job. Doing it well is even tougher.

A great corporate video production captures the very soul of a company and helps it connect with the audience that resonates with. It’s something that shouldn’t be rushed and should be an incredibly considered and informed investment, doing it wrong could be disastrous. Here are a few tips for those of you thinking about producing a corporate video to help you get started on the right foot.

1. Hire A Professional

It doesn’t matter how good with a camera your IT team think they are this is not something that should be taken on by anyone but a professional. A professional video production team or videographer can you give you feedback, valuable insight, and connections to professionals in the areas of expertise you may need down the line. Don’t just hire the first company you come across either, take your time and make sure to check out their portfolio, pick someone who clearly communicates a similar message to the one you’re looking to give.

2. Know Your Audience

Before you know what it is you want to say you must first establish who you are going to be saying that to. It’s no use jamming a bunch of tech lingo and acronyms into a B2C commercial, but you might be fine if you’re going B2B. If your market is suburban Mums then you’re not going connect as well if you’re using your boardroom voice. Great corporate video production is improved by more defined niche marketing, you might have less general appeal but those who you’re targeting are much more likely to get on board.

3. Be Emotive

Our brain doesn’t make the sale, our heart does. If you want to truly connect with your market then do it on an emotional level. If you don’t believe in your company and your product why should them? Show them how passionate you are as a business and why you do what you do. Don’t just list stats, facts, and figures, tell them a story about how your product could change somebody’s life.

4. Show, Don’t Tell

You’re hiring a corporate video production company for a reason if it’s just going to be someone speaking directly into the camera about how great your company is and why your product is best what’s the point? You could have done that on the radio. Show the audience what you do and how it can change their life for the better. Attention spans are short and visual stimulus works a lot better when trying to join the dots like this. Show just how sexy your product is by letting it loose in all its glory.

5. Marketing

Once the video is done don’t just post it once on the website and forget about it. This is an incredible thing you’ve done and you need to make sure as many people see it as possible. Put it on YouTube, send it out to your customers and affiliates. Talk to PR services and marketers about a promotion package. Here at American Audio Visual, we know that making the video is just the first step, albeit a beautiful one.