What are the Best Options for Staff Benefits

What are the Best Options for Staff Benefits

The truth is that the success of any organisation depends largely on the efficiency and effectiveness of its staff. Therefore, employers are saddled with the responsibility of striving to motivate their employees by offering additional incentives in the form of staff benefits and other things. Although there are different forms of staff benefits, some are more advantageous to the employees than others.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options for staff benefits:

  • Income Protection

If an employee is injured or sick, income protection ensures that such an employee is paid a particular percent of their normal salary every month. This percent falls around 60 to 80% of their normal salary. Under this benefit, the employer has the opportunity to determine how long the employee will get the salary if such a person continues to be unable to resume to work; the period usually ranges from a few months to some years.

  • Life Insurance

Life happens to everyone and, as such, anyone can die at any time. This benefit takes care of such situations by paying a predetermined amount to the dependents of the employee (usually their children or spouse). Typically, this amount is a specific number of times of their annual salary. For instance, if the policy says three times of their salary, the dependents of someone who was earning £30,000 before death will be entitled to £90,000 as life insurance.

  • Flexible Working Hours

Instead of the regular rigid working hours, some employers offer their staff flexible working hours. This may be working from home for a few days in a week or month or working for shorter hours for certain days.

  • Paid Annual Leave

This allows the employees to take leave from work, but still get paid their full salary. Such periods can be used for de-stressing, going on holidays, and taking care of other important things. Not only will the employees return from the leave rejuvenated, but they will also be spurred to give their best to the company.

  • Childcare Benefits

For staff with children, staff benefits can be offered in the form of vouchers that are meant to take care of certain things such as preschool, nursery, babysitting, and so on. The vouchers may be provided every week, month or year.

  • Gym Membership

To help their staff keep fit and stay healthy, some organisations give them free or discounted gym membership. Consequently, the employees are encouraged to go to the gym any time.

Other staff benefits that are great for your employees include critical illness insurance, sick pay, car allowance, interest-free travel loan, and health screening. All the aforementioned staff benefits promote engagement and goodwill of the employees and can motivate them to work better and longer for the organisation.

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